YIELD   ---------------------------------

Sugarcane Yield Achieved in own farm field

  Year & Metric ton per acre
  (0.40 hector)

  • 1996-97 = 98.5 mt,
  • 1999-00 = 102 mt,
  • 2002-03 = 104 mt,
  • 2003-04 = 106 mt,
  • 2007-08 = 121 mt,
  • 2009-10 = 111 mt,
  • 2011-12 = 131 mt,
  • 2014-15 = 116 mt,
  • 2017-18 = work in progress


Sanjeev Mane sharing his success story with Hon Precedent of United State of America Mr. Barak Obama

Sanjeev Mane selected by Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd for sharing his success story of 20 to 120 MT/acre Sugarcane yield and contribution of drip irrigation system to Hon. President of United States of America, Mr Barak Obama, during his visit to India.

The White House press

Jain Irrigation Systems, Ltd. provides extension and training services for farmers, bankers, government officials, and agricultural students. Jain’s research, development and demonstration farm in Tamil Nadu has successfully cultivated rice through drip irrigation without compromising yield and with a water savings of more than 66 percent compared to conventional paddy farming. Jain’s irrigation systems have reduced water usage by 50 percent and fertilizer usage by 40 percent. Jain and USAID partnered in 2008 to align the company’s grades and standards with international food safety standards, raising the quality and safety of Indian-produced food. Jain uses U.S. technology in its irrigation system and has five plants in the United States that collectively provide jobs to more than 300 people. Jain sells its products in the United States, Latin America, Asia and Africa. Anil Jain, Managing Director; Sanjeev Mane, Farmer (Solar pump, irrigation system)

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PAPSAC conference

Sanjeev Mane selected by Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd for sharing his success story of 20 to 120 MT/acre Sugarcane yield and contribution of drip irrigation system to PAPSAC conference organized by HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL Held in Boston America 25 Nov 2013.

Ray A. Goldberg

Ray A. Goldberg is an Emeritus Professor agriculture and business at Harvard university of business management. he specially appreciated sanjeev mane for his work, he said "i am really surprised.. a farmer is doing this kind of work is really amazing.. keep it up.."


Sanjeev Mane delivered his presentation about his success story of 20 to 120MT/acre Sugarcane yield at PAPSAC conference for 18 min, and got best presentation certificate as well, every one appreciate his work in sugarcane yield maximization


  • About 1 lakh follower farmers of krushibhusan Sanjeev Mane’s 100Mt technology
  • Adviser board member in “DD Sanhyandri “
  • Council Member of DSTA (Deacon Sugar Technologist Association)
  • Member of “State Crop Competition Committee”, Maharashtra
  • District president “farmer Scientist club” of MPKV, Rahuri .
  • Taluka president “farmer Scientist club” of MPKV, Rahuri .
  • District Member “Atma”
  • Taluka President “Atma”
  • Divisional President, Kolhapur “Agriculture Award Winner Farmers Development Club”, Maharashtra State
  • Executive Director “Agriculture Award Winner Farmers Development Club”, Maharashtra State
  • Member of “Kasturi Agrotech” Community , Sangli
  • Adviser Director of “Crop Loan Committee” DCC Bank Sangli & Pune
  • Admin and adviser of more than 1,00,000 farmers WhatsApp group named “Oos Sanjeevani Sanjeev Mane” started on 24th Feb 2014 & successfully completed 2 Years.
  • Founder of “Shindemala Farmer development Club”
  • District Member of GramSangam
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Shetinishta Maharashtra Government Vasantrao Naik Shetinista Shetkari Award 2000

Krushibhushan Maharashtra Government Vasantrao Naik Krushibhushan Shetkari Award 2011

Door Darshan Sahyadri Door Darshan Sahyadri Best Work in Water Management Award 2010

Mi Marathi TV Channel Samruddha Kisan Award 2015

Best Farmer
by Hon Minister Sharad Pawar Saheb

Hon. Mohan Bhagawat Special apprication by Sarsangha chalak shri Mohan Bhagawat (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh chief)

Sanjeev Mane has been rewarded by 46+ Major Awards
  • Krushi Vidyan Kendra Babhaleshwar 1999
  • Govt of Maharashtra “Vasantrao Naik Shetinishta Shetakari” 2000
  • Dr. Vasantdada Patil 2001
  • Mahatma Phule Krushi Vidyapith, Rahuri “Best Farmer” 2002
  • Rashtriy Chemicals & Fertilizers(RCF) ,Mumbai “Best Farmer” 2003
  • Kisan Shakti 2004
  • Daily “Sakal” News Paper 2005
  • Sahitya Premi “Krushi Bhushan” Award 2006
  • District Cooperative Board 2007
  • “Bhima Krushi” Award 2008
  • Special Honorary Magistrate 2009
  • “Shahu Kisanshakti” Award 2009
  • DD Sanhyandri “Best Work in Water Management” Award 2010
  • Visit & Discussion with Hon. President of America Mr. Barak Obama to Tell a success story of “high Yield in sugarcane” and “Water management” For 7 mins while his visit in Mumbai 7Nov 2010
  • “Krushimitra” Avishkar Foundation 2011
  • “Netaji” Award by Sanmati Education Institute 2011
  • Govt. Of Maharashtra “Vasantrao Naik Krushibhushan” 2012
  • Harvard University, Boston , America, Participate & presentation in PAPSAC 2 days world Conference Nov 2013
  • Special Honorary Magistrate 2014
  • Late Nemagaunda Patil “Special Agriculture Service Award” 2015
  • “Samrudha Kisan” by Mee Marathi TV Channel 2015
  • “Shetipragati Krushibhushan” Award 2016
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